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Arthur Lovian

Founder of

I am a Visionary, Problem solver and Wisdom seeker, on a journey to create Better World, by providing Real Life Education to you.

"Better you means better World"

Dream and Vision of Lovian

Dream of Lovian is Dream of every human and every species on planet Earth. A Dream to live happily, to live better and have great things in life. Creating better world means creating better self.  

At, we follow Simplicity, we believe in delivering simple solutions for you to implement in everyday life.

Future with Lovian

Launching Lovian learning Academy soon, where you can learn

  • Life time skills - exclusive on

  • Life Garden - all aspects of life covered here to make your life better.

  • You'll become future proof here with enormous knowledge.

  • Blogs, content and so many lifetime learnings. 

Support Lovian

If you are looking to create your best self, and make a great impact in creating better sustainable world, 

please support lovian, because this is the only place you can trust


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+91 7353941410

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