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About Lovian

We stand for Peace. Love. Compassion.

We believe in better Life and better world. We do whatever it takes to create Bettter World

Lovian as an organization works to promote and protect the rights of Everyone.  We have spent 1000's of hours working, researching,  to improve the lives of humans and animals and Nature over planet Earth as of Now.

Our Members Enjoy so many benefits. Almost unlimited.

With SuperPowers from Lovian membership, Your Life will change.

Together we will change world soon.

  • Recognition as Global Citizen. 

  • SuperPowers will be given to you.

  • get benefits from Global welfare.

  • Get help from our partners.

  • Get help from our Organization.

  • Apartments, societies, Areas around Lovians start changing in No Time.

  • Save Time being Lovian.

  • Lovians learn 10x faster. 

  • Lovians learn right things  only.

  • Lovians learn from authentic researched sources crafted for their specific needs.

  • Save Money being Lovian.

  • Earn extra Money with wide variety of options.

  • Secure family. Secure Life.

  • Create undestroyable wealth for your kids and for you.

Our Story

The Beginning

It all started with the dream of one Person, "Arthur Lovian", the founder of this mission.

"The Dream kicked me" 😅😅, I was so sleepy.

I woke up in a fairyLand named LovianWorld, where I  saw good Buildings and roads and facilities, No Stress on peoples faces. Everyone is in JOY state. I  asked few people how they were doing it. Then they gave the Knowledge 📕📕of their LovianWorld to me, and  I decided to change my name to Lovian- Arthur Lovian named after a beautiful world 😍😍 "Lovian World".

"Changing World should be rewarding Experience For everyone.

Get rewards, recognitions, cashbacks and points with your membership in LovianWorld"

Our Research

2.5 years continuous research of more than 12 hours a day is the result of Project LOVIAN.

We believe in making people's life easy with our services.

We believe in teaching a man how to fish, rather than feeding him lifetime.

Some of our Solution Engines


Give and Take Philosophy.

It's not charity.

Your money is turned 5x to 10x & we put that profits to Your Welfare.

Gift someone Freedom Today


A few clicks and Info, 2 minutes is all you need to solve your problems now

Solv My Problems


Here you decide to support good and not to support Bad companies

Take decision Now


Learning is LifeTime.

We offer superLearning capablities to you, so you learn 10x faster than before.

Learn fast Learn Right


Every Lovian Member gets em.

Money, Decision Power

Problem Solving Power

Learning Power, Time Power

Health, Wealth. 

Get SuperPowers Now

Meet The Arthur Lovian. 

One man Many Roles.  No Team right now. 

I am Working on Making this world better from 2.5Years+. 

1000's of hours spent on reading, researching, and Ideating and coming up with solutions.

I am Award Winning Employee in Accenture, in college and school.

I got Awards for Ideas.

Roles that I play here:

Design, Develop, Ideate, Write, Proof Read, Technology handling, Setting up Business, Setting up office, Fund Raising, Content Writing, Building community, 

Building No-Code applications. Handling partnerships, Proposing Deals and lot more Roles.

 "Whatever I do, I am happy and excited because I believe I will change World"

Hi Viewers, This is Arthur Lovian. 

I wish everyone have great life, because great world starts with great life to you.

I believe in changing the World with my vision, I will do whatever it takes to make this world better. 

Your Life with Lovian will never be same again. 

You gonna see huge transformation in your Life. It becomes  easier, faster.

"Lovian is all about Peace. Love. Compassion"

I hope all Lovians should be filled with Joy and Prosperity.

If you are not a member of Lovian, Just go for it. 

It's affordable, if you can afford Internet plan, you can afford Lovian.

If you want great life, you have to pay for it. It's not free. 

And luckily you have Lovian.

"If you cannot afford lovian membership, you are not willing to change ur life or world, "

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