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Create the world You ❤️ to live

9 out of 10 Professionals Join Lovian community to Make life easy, Make connections & friends, Join communities, get exclusive benefits, services & Learning.

Vision For 2022









Lovian Community

#BeLovian #BeInvincible

As a global community we help each other by discussing, and making decisions on wide variety of topics ranging from problems of your Employer, hike to problems u have with traffic, and roads and potholes.

Together we are more powerful⚡⚡

Be Lovian.

Be Invincible.

SuperPowers in Your Pocket.


  • Learn fast.

  • Solve problems

  • Discuss about problems in community.


  • You will learn how to unleash your full potential of TIME, MONEY, WORK. 

SuperPowers comes with Responsibility. Use Wisely.

Time. Time. Time.


You become 10x faster in No TIME. Learn. Browse. Whatever you do in Lovian. It's Worthy.

Extra Time Guaranteed

Lovian Premium Content is crafted with care,

"5 minutes Lovian Content" =  upto 12hours elsewhere.

Switch to Lovian Super Content Now. Unlimited Free with PRO.

Time is definitely a superPower⚡⚡

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Untitled (250 × 250px) (2).png

Ready to have SuperPowers?

Become Lovian. Unleash Your SuperPowers.

PRO membership for Professionals, Students, Business people.

Basic membership for Non-working people.

Rewards are Powered By WIX and Graphy for now.

If Not Lovian.

No One.

One Stop solution for all your needs.

Embrace your full potential. Once you learn how to use your time, your money and your energy (work), you become Invincible. You can change world.

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